The Artist’s Role

As all things pertaining to art, there are a multitude of opinions as to the role of the artist. I claim no great insight as to the validity of these, but only hope to present my personal views on the subject. The primary act of creation is by its very nature solitary and many artists … More The Artist’s Role

Keep It Local!

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It’s a cloudy dreary Saturday here in the piedmont, North Carolina. But I’m not missing anything; I’m in my studio painting. I’m getting ready for the annual fall Keep it Local show in Oak Ridge, NC. I don’t usually schlep my paintings to outdoor shows (I prefer my work in galleries…

Importance of Art

There have always been certain topics that seem to split public opinion or at least bring certain differences of opinion to the forefront. There have been numerous studies that show the developmental and sociological value of art education. I thought perhaps it would be better to discuss this from a personal perspective; it is the … More Importance of Art


In an effort to consolidate I decided to include these examples of work I had done in  woodcut class at Guildford college.

Investigating the Book with Mary Beth Boone

Fantastic class! Mary Beth is a inspiring teacher and a stunningly positive human being. We explored the possibilities that  book forms can achieve by looking at the vast range that book arts can encompass from the traditional to the sculptural. I would highly recommend this kind of class or workshop to anyone who enjoys books, sculpture … More Investigating the Book with Mary Beth Boone