January 8th 2014 11:59pm

It’s good for us to remember where we have been. Seeing who I  was helps me better understand who I am, as well as who I can become. I believe that we can’t possibly know our limits until we’ve gone past them. That moment when you hear the infrastructure groan under the load, the creak and snap of terminal failure; that’s where the true measure is. I had reached a point when I didn’t even trust that the world I saw was the world that is. I didn’t trust my thoughts. I most certainly did not trust my feelings. Fortunately, This is no longer who or where I am.

Endeavor to persevere, you are stronger than you know.

Every moment is a chance to change.

You are not alone in the dark.

You are not lost.

You are becoming.

The following image was taken while I  thought I was lost, drifting in the fog.

If I could navigate those rocks half-blind, mad, and haggard; I have great faith that you can navigate your’s as well. Good luck, godspeed, and Hold Fast.  selfportrait1bw


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