We each have to find our own way to connect, to communicate, to share. Pick your poison, Art or Word or Action. Mix and match, find what works. Spin Dame Fortuna’s wheel the game is rigged and you can’t loose unless you decide to not play. Trapped inside our own heads we … More Perspective


The following is my latest endeavor. This is an in progress update so the work is still rough. I was feeling guilty for not posting more regularly. I would gladly accept any critique. The title is a nod to my original inspiration. I hope that you enjoy it.

My kid could do that!

“Abstract expressionist value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose, the unknown over the known, the veiled over the clear, the individual over society and the inner over the outer. “    — William C. Seitz There are certain responses that abstract painters hear.  The title is a standard. As is the desire to point … More My kid could do that!

Confidence Game

The following poem and piece were inspired by an odd connection I had between Televangelism and my friend’s choice in outfits. For anyone wondering he isn’t as creepy as this might make him appear. He was hollow As hollow as his plastic promise Of a new day His gospel a shroud He shapes from the shadows … More Confidence Game

Why Art?

  Of all the professions and vocations we can choose why art? Except in rare circumstances, numerous choices offer better pay, more stability, are easily quantifiable, or can supply ready recognition for success. So why would a person choose to be an artist?  I am sure that the reasons for choosing to pursue art are … More Why Art?

Weird Gifts

Hi, my name is Chris and I am a fuck up. I am not always a fuck up but ask one of my exes and I’m sure at least some will gladly share my numerous failings, character flaws, indiscretions, and in some cases complete and utter villainy. I have days where my doubts seem daunting.  I have … More Weird Gifts