Cyanotype (Classic)

What you need 25 grams of Ferric ammonium citrate (green) 10 grams of Potassium ferricyanide Water (distilled if possible) 3 glass containers for mixing ingredients Newspaper to cover work surface Brushes or coating rod Art paper or fabric for coating (natural fibers, doesn’t work on synthetic) Glass or a contact print frame UV light source … More Cyanotype (Classic)

Digital Negatives

I opted to shoot images digitally and print a negative. This is the basic process I ended up with. I used the gamma adjustment method of approximating a curve. I found that the results were as consistent and it was easier Than fiddling with the curve. I printed on  Inkpress  5 mil clear film as well as … More Digital Negatives

Alternative Photography

As a Photo major I had decided to explore some alternative printing processes and Digital negatives for my independent study, Specifically Argyrotypes, Van Dyke and Cyanotypes. These are iron/silver based print out processes. The terms “print out paper” and “P.O.P” were introduced in 1891 by the Ilford Company, originally used for one process. With the … More Alternative Photography