We each have to find our own way to connect, to communicate, to share. Pick your poison, Art or Word or Action. Mix and match, find what works. Spin Dame Fortuna’s wheel the game is rigged and you can’t loose unless you decide to not play. Trapped inside our own heads we … More Perspective


The following is my latest endeavor. This is an in progress update so the work is still rough. I was feeling guilty for not posting more regularly. I would gladly accept any critique. The title is a nod to my original inspiration. I hope that you enjoy it.

Art and Essence

Before I talk about art I have certain core philosophical beliefs that have a strong influence on how I view things. This is one that I feel is important in this instance. I am a firm supporter of narrative rationality. This is based on the work of Walter Fisher. It really revolves around a few … More Art and Essence