A cry sprang forth

I have been so ready for a change in the weather. These are an assortment of shots as the season leaps upon us. I would also like to apologize to mouse for taking the most unflattering photo I’ve done of anyone for a while, but it was too creepy not to keep. Advertisements

Art and Essence

Before I talk about art I have certain core philosophical beliefs that have a strong influence on how I view things. This is one that I feel is important in this instance. I am a firm supporter of narrative rationality. This is based on the work of Walter Fisher. It really revolves around a few … More Art and Essence

Stephen Hayes: Cash Crop

Stephen Hayes’ Cash Crop    Photography by Chris Austin Guilford College Hege Library exhibit consisting  fifteen life-size concrete, wood, and iron shackled  sculptures. Each of the statues represents one of the fifteen million people shipped to America from Africa. I tried to capture some of the mood of the piece but as is often the case, the photos … More Stephen Hayes: Cash Crop